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~~ Pub Quiz Winners ~~

Last night at The Castle a group of us took part in their Pub Quiz.
With a good mix of questions some challenging others much easier. We just entered for the fun, but as the results of each round came out we realised we were doing well, then it came to the last round, we managed full score 20/20 Wow!
In the end we ended up as clear winners with a voucher to spend in the pub. This will be used for those taking part nest time..
The next quiz is in two weeks, 30th October, so come along and we could enter two teams.
This was a great chance to mix with others who use The Castle, some already knew of us.
Thanks to those in the team.

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2nd IVC POTY - and the winner is...

Last night, after the AGM, saw the voting for the 2nd IVC POTY (Photographer Of The Year).

What struck everyone there was the quality of the photographs - several people commented

There were several images in the running but a clear winner was Julia's Leading you into the Sea - Congratulations. What's also interesting is that this is the second year a photo taken on a mobile phone has won - so you can't use the excuse "I don't have a camera".

2nd IVC POTY - Winner - Leading you into the Sea

See all the monthly winners and entries in the website

This months topic is "Home from Home" - Google it if you need inspiration (Home from Home) and we have a guest professional photographer - Matt Widgery - as critic.

Entries close midnight on 31-Oct - upload at


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The Geldart, Not So Fine Dining

What a Fantastic Evening!!!

Having booked a table for 10, we ended up with 13, a mix of IVC and Meetup members, as well as 4 new people, with everying enjoying their evening. Although 13 sat round the tables was a little cosy and more elbow room would have been useful, the extra numbers added to the fun of the evening. The Geldart proved to be a great venue and the "Hot Rocks" menu was extremely popular, bordering on fine dining in terms of quality, but without the fine dining price wonder the pub was full.

Watch out for next month's "Not so Fine Dining"

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