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September Photo Assignment "Your Best Shot - Pt3" - The Results

Looks like not many people went out with there cameras during September - pity we had some good conditions. Any way we had fun critiquing the entries we did get. Some even managed to cover 2 topics in one shot!

Anyway, once again there was one clear winner, Nicks "On the way to the folly", aunder the  bridges theme from April.

Several other images picked up 1 vote each.

Theme for October is "The Fallen"


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August Photo Assignment "Sport" - The Results

A much more select number of entries for this months topic - it seemed Sport was not something people routinely take - so that meant no raiding of back catalogues! Why not go out and take a new image??? Lots of opportunity.

Anyway, there was a fair bit of healthy critique but there was one clear winner with well over 70% of the votes; Nicks "Did he clean the gate?"

Did he clean the gate?


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July Photo Assignment - Oh I do like to be beside the seaside - Results

A great turn out last night for the critique of theJuly Photo assignment. Lots of great entries stimulated lots of good debate.

Chris' Low Tide shot took first place

and he also grabbed second with Silver and Sand

Third place went to Nicks Hi there

August's topic is Sport.


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